What is a good wine to give as a gift?


A good wine to give as a gift is the 2010 pinot noir from Nobilo Marlborough Icon, according to Forbes magazine's 2013 wine and spirits gift guide. The New Zealand wine placed in Wine Spectator magazine's top 100 for 2012.

The 2013 vintage of this label is also a top choice, according to Forbes. The gift guide notes that individuals who prefer a white wine enjoy the Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc, also from New Zealand. The 2012 vintage of that wine scored 91 points from Wine Spectator. The 2013 retail price of both wines was about $20, according to Forbes.

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Never pick something regular or generic... It is a waste of time and money and it will be forgotten. Give gifts that are thoughtful and appropriate. The gift should reflect the relationship
Here are some options: Pictures of you holding up poster boards a la. Love Actually. [1] preferably apologizing for not giving a real gift / promising a real gift in the future. Depending
make her a cake or something. maybe a necklace?
Depends on what wine. For most wines (or champagnes or sertain liquors, but let's just stick with wine in this story) it's a golden rule: the older the wine, the sweeter the taste
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