What is a group of horses called?


A group of horses is called a "team" or a "harras." If all the horses in a group are colts, "rag" can be used, and a group of ponies is called a "string."

Countless terms are used to refer to a group of horses, and many simply call them a "group." "Team" was especially popular when horses were used together to pull items, and the term maintains its popularity today. Calling a group of horses a "harras" is uncommon, but it is still heard on ranches throughout the English-speaking world. Less commonly, a group of horses owned by a single person may be called a "stud."

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A group of horses is called a 'Herd'
Groups of horses are termed one of the following: band, herd, harem, or mob.
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What is a group of horses called?
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