What are sandworms?


SAND WORMS are worms that live in sand, ur retarded.
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any of several marine worms that live in sand.
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1. Ride Ruin to stay out of the Sandworm's way. Wait until it comes up to attack it. 2. Keep an eye on the creature's mouth and as soon as you see its mouth begin to open, dash forward
A sandworm is either large marine worm of phylum Annelida or huge desert-dwelling creature from Dune.
(sănd'wûrm') n. Any of various segmented worms, especially of the genera Nereis and Arenicola, generally inhabiting coastal mud or sand and often used as fishing bait.
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A sandworm is any segmented worm that lives in mud or sand. The term sandworm also refers to marine worms that live in coastal areas. These worms are commonly ...
Sandworms eat decaying plant materials. ...
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