What Is a Thermometer?


A thermometer is a scientific instrument that is used to measure temperature. This instrument is used to complete experiments, in health care and to control mechanical devices such as furnaces.
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The basal body thermometer is used to measure the body's basal temperature, or resting temperature, to an accuracy of a tenth of degree Fahrenheit. Glass fever thermometers and digital
Thermometers are devices that measure temperature. The Italian scientist Galileo invented the first air thermometer around 1600 and it has, and will continue to be, improved upon.
A "laser" thermometer is a thermometer which takes directional readings of temperature derived from IR emissions. It does not directly make use of a laser, but many of
[1] The alcohol in alcohol thermometers tends to be pure ethanol, isoamyl acetate, kerosene, or toluene. [2] Ethanol tends to be the most widely used, because of its low cost and
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A thermometer is a device used to measure temperature of different things like body, candy, wax, animals etc. There are two elements of a thermometer, the temperature valve and the means of converting the change into a value.
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