What Is a Young Female Horse Called?


Young female horses are called fillies while young males are called ponies. Foal is a unisex term for young horses, so it refers to both young male and female horses. Horses are good pets and are also good for horseback riding in the country. In some cultures, they are used to pull carriages. In fact, the horse carriages were the precursors to the modern automobiles - which were then referred to as 'horseless carriages.'
Q&A Related to "What Is a Young Female Horse Called"
A young female horse is called a filly and a male horse is called a colt. All young horses can be referred to as foals and can be male or female.
A young female horse after it is weaned up until 3 or 4 years is called a filly.
a mare.
A young chicken is a pullet. The full definition is a young hen, specifically
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