What is an example of kinetic energy?


Because any moving thing or object has kinetic energy, there are many examples of this energy type, including a ball dropping into water, a car in motion and a moving arrow. However, there are different types or forms of kinetic energy.

The three types of kinetic energy are vibrational motion, translational motion and rotational motion. A flywheel is an example of rotational kinetic energy and a car moving in a straight line down a road is an example of translational kinetic energy. Some examples of vibrational kinetic energy are a vibrating cell phone, tuning forks and a bobblehead doll. These objects oscillate back and forth.

Q&A Related to "What is an example of kinetic energy?"
An example of kinetic energy is like a cup falling from a table to the ground . While the cup is still in the air. The formula is: potential energy- kinetic energy- potential energy
Kinetic energy is the energy of motion -anything moving has
Any thing around you that perform linear or rotary motion. A car, a plane, a bicycle, a flying bird.
Kinetic energy for a moving object is given as KE=mv 2 where KE is the kinetic energy, m is the mass and v the velocity.
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