What is an example of kinetic energy?


Because any moving thing or object has kinetic energy, there are many examples of this energy type, including a ball dropping into water, a car in motion and a moving arrow. However, there are different types or forms of kinetic energy.

The three types of kinetic energy are vibrational motion, translational motion and rotational motion. A flywheel is an example of rotational kinetic energy and a car moving in a straight line down a road is an example of translational kinetic energy. Some examples of vibrational kinetic energy are a vibrating cell phone, tuning forks and a bobblehead doll. These objects oscillate back and forth.

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An example of kinetic energy is like a. cup falling from a table to the ground. While the cup is still in the air. The formula is: potential energy- kinetic energy- potential energy
Yes, wind is an example of kinetic energy. Anything in movement is kinetic
Kinetic energy is the extra energy it has due to its motion. It is the work required to move an object from rest to its current velocity. Potential energy is the energy stored in
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