What is cho-wa?


Cho Wa is one ancient medicinal remedy that has been used in Japan for centuries and was recently intr...
source: www.chacha.com
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(chĕn'stə-kō'və, chĕN'stô-hô'vä) A city of southern Poland north of Katowice. Its monastery is a famous pilgrimage site. Population: 246,000
lol well this isn't an optical question but. I am a bit skeptical myself. I really do not think any tea can be capable of such claims. The price seems pretty steep too. I think it
ForgeLady, www.applehealthstore.com. is showing the cheapest price for Cho-Wa, I believe. Below you will see what I copied from their website. They have a three-month supply for $119.95
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Cho Wa is a health formula which was first known only to the Tiger Shogun descendants of Japan. The formula is in the form of an ancient tea which is taken to ...
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