What Is the Average Height of a Two Story House?


The definition of the height of one story varies on what type of building it belongs to. For a typical residence, that height is 3.1 m, or a little over ten ft. Therefore, a two story house would be approximately 20 ft tall.
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The word average here is INCREDIBLY general, since averages vary greatly from one geographical area to the next. So, I will use my experience to set the parameters and say that an
An average One story home (2-3 bedrooms) would be
Adding some advantages to 2-storey living: you get a bit of extra height and possibly a good view. increases density and therefore reduces sprawl. adapts well to sloped sites. you
I'm going to guess... (sorry) if a room is typically 8 ft tall with a half a foot to the ground from the floor and about a half a foot in between stories I would guess 9ft. Edit:
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