What Is the Capital of Africa?


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There is no capital city of Africa.
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Algeria, Algiers. Angola, Luanda. Ethiopia, Addis Abeba. Kenya, Nairobi. Libya, Tripoli. Namibia, Windhoek. Somalia, Mogadishu. Uganda, Kampala. Liberia, Monrovia. Niger, Niamey.
Africa is a continent, not a country, so it does not have a capital. There are many
Lome is the capital and largest city of Togo. Togo's area is about 21,600 square
The Capital City of South Africa is Capetown
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Africa doesn?t have a capital city because it?s a continent not a country. The African continent has 54 countries. Some of them are; Algeria, Benin, Burundi, Cameroon, Chad, South Africa and Kenya.
Africa has no particular capital since it is a continent consisting of 54 independent countries. Each of the countries has its own capital cities which serve as important centres of education, administration and even culture. Nairobi, for example, is the capital city of Kenya and Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria, all of which are in Africa.
Africa is a continent and thus does not have a capital like a country. However, there are 53 African states meaning there are 53 independent capital cities in Africa. The capital city of South Africa, one of Africa's richest countries is called Johannesburg.
Pretoria is the capital of South Africa and is located in the northern part of the province, Gauteng, it has the lowest crime figures in South Africa. The city occupies two beautiful and well-sheltered valleys on the banks of the Apies River.
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