What Is the Definition of Main Idea?


The definition of a main idea is a sentence or generalization that tells what the paragraph is about. Main Ideas are generally found at the beginning of the paragraph, however they can be anywhere in the paragraph.
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The definition for a. main idea. is important info that tells more about the overall idea of a paragraph/section of a text. It is basically the overall idea of a paragraph; the overall
Definition of main idea: A main idea is important information that tells more
The main idea is the key concept of a written work and stands above everything else as the central information the reader should take from the writing. Identifying a main idea can
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main idea
the most important or central thought of a paragraph or larger section of text, which tells the reader what the text is about: Find the main idea in each paragraph.
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Main idea means important information that says more about the overall purpose of an article or section of a text. Instead of main Idea one can use main heading which essentially depicts the same meaning.
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