What Is the Definition of Mitosis?


Mitosis is a process where once cell divides resulting in two identical cells, each containing the same number of chromosomes and genetic content.
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Mitosis is the reproduction of skin,heart,stomach,etc.Meisosis is the
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i do not know u tell me. Come on! I'm in the 7th grade and I know this! After mitosis, each cell in your body, except sex cells, has 46 chromosomes. It also allows growth and removal
PMAT. P standing for Prophase. M standing for Metaphase. A standing for Anaphase. T standing for Telophase. Also Innerphase is sometimes included but not usually in an abbreviation.
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Mitosis is the process in which a cell partitions itself equally to form two daughter cells. This is integral to cellular growth, repair and reproduction.
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