What Is the Difference between a Natural and Political Boundary?


Political boundaries are created by humans, unlike natural boundaries which are created by natural processes leading to formation of rivers, watersheds, divides and landscape changes. Natural boundaries have a pronounced obstacle impeding movement but which may differ from one species to another. Humans usually ignore the natural boundaries when setting political boundaries.
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Basicly political boundaries are the boundaries that governments claim to have rule over and natural boundaries are ones set by following the paths of natural landmarks, like rivers
Natural boundaries are geographical features like
Natural are the ones created by nature for example rivers, oceans, desserts, lakes, mountains. and political the ones delimited by law.
A river is a natural boundary. So it the top of a mountain range. A latitude is a political boundary, like the Mason Dixon line. Many African states have political boundaries where
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A natural boundary is just like rivers, mountains, or forest that separate nations by geographic objects. A political boundary is the limiting lines of jurisdictional authority for the various levels of government.
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