What Is the Function of the Nasal Conchae?


The nasal conchae helps to warm and moisten air that is breathed in through your nose. It also helps to filter the air that comes through.
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When air enters the nostrils, it passes first through the vestibule, which is lined by skin containing coarse hairs that filter out large dust particles. Three shelves formed by projections
1. one of several turbinate bones in the nasal cavity
The nasal pharynx, or nasopharynx, begins behind the choana, or posterior nostril (the open space at the far back of the nasal cavity before it turns down into the lungs) It includes
Meaning one of several turbinate bones in the nasal cavity Hypernyms(s) nasal concha is a kind of… Example: animal is a hypernym of mammal, plant is a hypernym of flower turbinate
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