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To assimilate is the process of transformation of a person or idea into a dominant culture or cultural theme. This can develop over time and structuring.
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the act or process of assimilating; state or condition of being assimilated.
Physiology the conversion of absorbed food into the substance of the body.
Botany the total process of plant nutrition, including photosynthesis and the absorption of raw materials.
Sociology the merging of cultural traits from previously distinct cultural groups, not involving biological amalgamation.
Phonetics the act or process by which a sound becomes identical with or similar to a neighboring sound in one or more defining characteristics, as place of articulation, voice or voicelessness, or manner of articulation, as in for grandpa.
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The basic concept is simple. If a crime is committed on federal property but not a specifically federal crime, then the federal government, under the Assimilated Crimes Act, has the
to fit in to the culture of a country you have immigrated to
Assimilate means, to absorb mentally.
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