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Social sin is a sin committed by many that affects many. A couple given examples of social sin are overpaying for unnecessary items rather than donating the money to the poor, or voting for a politician who advances their own agenda rather than those
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Socially exclusionary investing is an aggressive form of selecting investments for the social impact of a company or fund in addition to the potential of financial gain. Specifically
There are seven social sins. 1) politics without principle 2) wealth without work 3) commerce without morality 4) pleasure without out a conscience 5) education without discipline
You should take a look at the Facebook Social Design guidelines that I wrote (http://developers.facebook.com/s...) as well as my original (http://www.fishofthebay.com/post...). Simply
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According to Christianity, a social sin is a sin in which affects a person or group of people. Some examples of social sins include: genocide, racism, sexism, ...
There are seven new social sins according to the Catholic religion. They are birth control, stem cell research, drug use, polluting the environment, separation ...
Types of social sin include genetic manipulation, unsustainable social injustice, environmental pollution and social inequality among others. The sin of commission ...
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