What is the moral of the "Ramayana"?


When viewed as a religious epic through the lens of Hindu philosophy, each of the main characters stands for a different moral. Rama, Sita, Bharat and Laksmana each represent a different ideal. Filial piety, caring for underlings, loyalty in marriages and love for one's family as well as the Almighty are all morals that are taught in the Ramayana. It's considered by many faithful to be a set of rules to live by. Outside of a religious context the Ramayana teaches that those who you are loyal to reward that loyalty.
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Good is always the winner against the Bad. It also shows that ultimately truth and morality win.
Morals in Ramayana. In his Ramayana, Valmiki expresses his view of human code of conduct through Rama: life is evanescent and the hedonistic approach to it is meaningless. However
The story of the Ramayana took place circa 1000 BCE and is a prime example of a epic story of
Moral themes teach the audience a lesson by rewarding the characters that support the ideals of the principle, and ultimately punish those whose actions violate it. A character who
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