What is a baby elephant called?


A baby elephant is referred to as a calf. The gestation period of a female elephant is 22 months. This is considered to be the longest gestation period of any land living animal in the world.
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A baby elephant is called a calf just like a baby cow.
A baby elephant is called a 'calf' just like a baby cow!
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The scientific name for an Indian Elephant is. Elephas maximus indicus. They belong to the family of Elephantidae.
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A baby Elephant is called a calf.
A baby elephant is called a calf. They can be quite large when they are born, often up to two hundred pounds. They are born with large ears which they flap to keep themselves cool. They have hair on their bodies at birth which will slough off over time.
The name of a baby elephant is a calf. A male elephant is referred to as a bull and the female elephant is a cow. Elephants travel in a heard or a parade.
A baby elephant is referred to as a calf. A grown female elephant is called a cow and a male is called a bull. A bunch of elephants are called a herd.
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