What is the name of the first Philippine eagle bred in captivity?


The name of the first eagle to be bred in captivity in Philippines is Pag-asa. It was also the first human induced embryo to have ever been brought up in captivity, the bird is considered the largest, rarest and tallest bird on earth.
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It was named " Pag-asa " meaning Hope. A hope for the species to save from extinction, the egg was hatched on january 15, 1992 at the Philippine eagle Center in DAVAO, Philippines
Pag-asa, which means Hope. She's a radiantly beautiful mom now. http://phys.org/news/2013-02-offspring-c….
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It's name is "Pag-asa".
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The first Philippine Eagles bred in captivity were named Pag-asa (Hope) and Pagkakaisa (Unity).
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