What Is the PH of Distilled Water?


The pH level of distilled water is 7.0. Distilled water is basically water that has had all of the minerals removed by evaporating it and then condensing it back to liquid form.
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In order to distill water, you boil it and direct the steam into a condensing coil, where it cools and returns to the liquid state. In the process, all salts and particulate matter
Wrong: the pH in. water is 0 or 1.2. Corrected. : The pH of. pure water at 25. o. C is 7.0. When left in open air however it has a bit lower pH because of slightly carbon dioxide
Distilled water will test out in a range of pH 5.5-5.8. Thanks for using ChaCha!
Hi Dipan; Distilled water should be used only in severe cases of high pH. It should never be the only water used in the fish tank, but mixed with tap water. It isn't healthy for fish
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What Is the pH of Distilled Water?
By definition, water has a pH of seven because it has an equal concentration of hydrogen ions, and so the pH of distilled water should be seven. Find out how distilled water can become more acidic with help from a science teacher and field biologist in... More »
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