What Is the PH of Distilled Water?


The pH level of distilled water is 7.0. Distilled water is basically water that has had all of the minerals removed by evaporating it and then condensing it back to liquid form.
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In order to distill water, you boil it and direct the steam into a condensing coil, where it cools and returns to the liquid state. In the process, all salts and particulate matter
Distilled water, if it is truly distilled to purity, has a pH of 7. This means that the concentration of hydrogen ions dissociated from the water is 1x10.7. mol dm.3. Often, distilled
The pH will be less than 7 as the resulting solution will be acidic. It is impossible to determine the actual pH without knowing the mass or volume of water, the volume of the lemon
it makes the acid less corrosive.
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What Is the pH of Distilled Water?
By definition, water has a pH of seven because it has an equal concentration of hydrogen ions, and so the pH of distilled water should be seven. Find out how distilled water can become more acidic with help from a science teacher and field biologist in... More »
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