What is the salary for ECHL players?


East Coast Hockey League players are guaranteed a minimum salary of $400 (rookies) or $455 (returning players) weekly. A returning player is one previously appearing on a season-ending roster or with 25 or more games of professional hockey experience.

The weekly salary cap set forth by the league for 2013-14 is $12,400 per week for the first 30 days of the season and $12,000 weekly for the remainder of the season. The weekly salary minimum, or "floor" for each team, is $8,900. While the roster size of each club varies, teams may dress a maximum of 18 players for each regular season and playoff game, two of which must be goaltenders. Additionally, a team may have no more than four "veterans," defined as those with 260 or more games of professional experience, on the roster during the season.

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