What is the scientific name for an ant?


The scientific name for all types of ants is formicidae. This represents what scientists and researchers call the family name for ants. Ants classify in the order hymenoptera, which also includes bees and wasps.

Ants are included in the scientific classification of insecta. Insecta is Latin for insect. Ants are part of the phylum anthropoda, a classification that also includes crabs and shrimp. Finally, ants are part of the animal kingdom, which also includes humans. The scientific name for the animal kingdom is animalia. The family of ants include subcategories that include sub-families, genus and individual species of specific ants.

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Ants in general don't have a scientific name, each species of ant has scientific names. for example: Jerdon's jumping ant (species of ant found in India) sci name: Harpegnathos saltator
An ant is from the kingdom animalia and the phylum arthropoda. Ants have
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