What is the shelf life of Coca-Cola?


The shelf life of Coca Cola is about nine months after it is manufactured. Coca Cola that has surpassed its expiration date will become flat, and the integrity of the soda will begin to deteriorate.
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Coca Cola soda beverages has approximately 3 months shelf
canned softdrinks have a normal life of 9 months before going flat. There should be a expiration date printed on the bottom of the cans and on the side of the bottles. This is typically
I don't know about Coke, but when my mother passed away in 1997, I found a very old bottle of 7-up and one of Sprite.They were real glass bottles with the old style full size aluminum
The Coca Cola Company is a publicly owned corporation listed on the New York Stock Exchange and has the stock symbol KO. It was added to the list of 30 industrial firms that make
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