What Is the Smallest Bat in the World?


The smallest bat in the world is the Philippine bamboo bat that belongs to the vespertilionid family. This bat measures about four centimetres in length and has a wingspan of 15 centimetres and a weight of 1.5 grams.
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the hog nosed bat it is as small as a bumble bee and weighs less then a dime! The smallest bat in the world is the Philippine bamboo bat. It is smaller than the bumblebee bat.
The smallest bat in the world is the Kitti's hog-nosed bat, which is only 3cm.
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At only about 4 centimeters long and with a wingspan of about only 15 centimeters, the Philippine Bamboo Bat, is the smallest bat in the world. This tiny bat weighs only about 1.5 grams or about 1/20 of an once. As you can guess, this bat is found in the Philippines.
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