What Kind of Animals Live in the Desert?


Some of the kinds of animals that live in the desert are armadillos, coyotes, jackrabbits, and cougars. Other critters include snakes, scorpions, and spiders.
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Camels,snakes,lizard,coyote,armadillo,tortoise,gilla monsters.
No animal is more associated with deserts than camels. Arabian camels, those with one hump, have adapted to desert conditions by storing fat in their humps that can be broken down
Snakes, insects, hares, prairie dogs, quails, roadrunners. The Chihuahua, Mojave, and Sonora Deserts of America's Southwest are similar, yet diverse. They comprise the three major
A species of tarantula is found in Saguaro-dominated communities of the Sonoran desert. The largest animal group, Arthropoda, includes spiders, insects and crustaceans. In North American
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Many types of animals inhabit desert habitats, including lions, vultures, zebras, dung beetles, iguanas, camels, scorpions, sand cats and antelopes.
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