At what level does Vibrava evolve?


The ground/dragon-type Pokémon Vibrava evolves from Trapinch at level 35 and evolves into Flygon at 45. There are no other special conditions required to evolve Vibrava into Flygon.

Compared to other Pokémon, this line has a slightly slower experience curve meaning that it takes slightly more experience than average to level these Pokémon. Vibrava and Flygon are two of the four ground-type Pokémon that gain access to the Levitate ability. Additionally, Vibrava and Flygon are especially weak to ice-type attacks, as both ground and dragon types are weak against ice-type attacks. This makes Pokémon that learn the ability to Ice Shard a huge threat to Vibrava and Flygon.

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Level 45
Vibrava evolves from Trapinch at level 35 & evolves at level 45 into Flygon. Keep playing, you'll see!
Vibrava evolves into Pokemon Emerald at level 45. It evolves from
At Lv. 45. Source(s)….
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