What nationality is David Blaine?


David Blaine, born in 1973, is an American illusionist as well as an endurance artist. Some of his most memorable stunts include buried alive, drowned alive, and frozen in time. He is engaged to Alizee Guinochet and they have one daughter.
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David Blaine a Brooklyn native whose parents split when he was around 2,
David Blaine will hang upside down for 60 hours in Central Park NY. He started the 60 hours on September 22 at 8:30 am EST. This stunt poses many health risks, including increased
Daniel Garcia does the best to explain this trick (called Fraud) as mentioned by. Dan. So buy it and see for yourself :).
He was in a spinnng device lately where he unshacked himself and escaped while hanging from the air. He donated the money to Target kids. Before that he spent like a week in a water
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