What size AC unit do I need?


The size of the air conditioning unit you need is decided based upon two factors. The first thing to consider is how much space it will be cooling. The second thing to consider is how much space you have to put the unit in. Measuring the intended window or location for the unit will help.
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The best AC units are Trane, Carrier, Goodman, Lennox, York air and LG air. The best size of an air conditioner (AC), depends on two things; these are the cooling needs of your living room and the type of AC to be installed.
What size AC unit do I need, depends upon the size of the area you are cooling or the square footage if it is your home. For example, I live in a 1250 sq. ft. home and it requires a 2.5 ton heating pump to keep the house cool. Previously had a 2 ton and it was just not big enough to cool the entire house.
The size of AC unit in terms of Tons depends on the room size, location of the room and tropic weather conditions. Usually for a 10 feet x 10 feet room, 1 Ton AC is required.
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