What causes meteor showers?


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The next major meteor shower will be the Lyrids Meteor Shower which will occur between April 18-25.
Meteors are always the most visible during the hours between midnight and dawn.
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The best time to view the meteor shower tonight is at pre-dawn hours
Leonids meteor shower will be today, which can be seen any time after 1a.m. and before dawn. Enjoy!
Well, ..., You should be able to see the brighter ones all through the night. However, aver the moon sets ~11:30PM (Oct 20) the dimmer ones should also be visible. So between Moon
There are tiny dust-sized particles in Earth's path around the Sun. These particles are usually leftovers from asteroids or comets. When Earth passes through these particles during
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For the year 2010, the Lyrids are the next visible meteor shower. They will be visible on the nights of April 21st and 22nd between 3-4 a.m. Thereafter it's the night of May 5th, August 12th, October 21st, November 17th, and December 13th.
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