What Two Colors Make Turquoise?


There are three primary colors, blue, red, and yellow that are used to make all other colors. To make turquoise, first combine blue and yellow to get green. Next, take some blue and add the green to it until you get the color turquoise.
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Green and Blue. If you don't have green, try to mix yellow and blue evenly together, then add blue a small bit at a time until you get your wanted shade of turquoise. It is better
The color turquoise, named for the turquoise gemstone, is a shade of cyan visible in certain bodies of water. Shades of turquoise are also visible naturally in the northern and southern
green and blue and green, blue and grey make Teal. Adding a touch of white alters the shade i.e makes a lighter turquoise. Not applicable to creating the colour itself.
No two colors mixed together will make red, red is a primary color.
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