What Words Are Banned by the FCC?


Due to protections offered by the First Amendment, the FCC does not maintain a specific list of words that are banned. Instead, the FCC maintains a list of guidelines by which it determines whether a particular word or phrase is used in an obscene matter. Context is paramount in determining whether any particular word or phrase will be considered obscene.
Q&A Related to "What Words Are Banned by the FCC?"
Current FCC regulations allow indecent speech only after ten o'clock at night on TV
There is no real definitive list, although some say that George Carlin started it with his "Filthy Words" routine. The FCC can fine a broadcaster, station, etc if they get
Anything politically incorrect according to their Christian moral standards. sex, barbarian, Christ, islam-related words, insults of any kind, racial stereotipes such as negro, latino
It's DDT! The use of DDT was banned in the United States in 1973, although it is still in used!
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