In what year did John the Baptist die?

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John the Baptist was beheaded at about 40 years old.
John the Baptist is a key figure in the Biblical stories of Jesus of Nazareth. According to the Gospels, John's role was to announce the coming of Jesus: in John 1:23 he tells interrogators, "I am the voice of one crying out in the wilderness,... More>> · More images »
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King Herod was fooled into ordering his head on a platter. He was thus killed by beheading. This terrible event is recorded in the New Testament Gospels of Matthew 14:1-12, Mark 6
John the Baptist died by beheading in 36 CE by the order of Herod to preempt a possible uprising.
1. Write an introduction to your biography that includes some of the most important facts about John the Baptist's life. For example, include what he is most known for, such as the
He was beheaded on Herod's orders, but at the request of his new wife, Herodias. She was angry with John for criticising Herod for marrying her, the wife of Herod's brother. 'Herod
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After a long life as a prophet, John the Baptist was imprisoned by Herod Antipas, the same Herod who conspired against Jesus Christ and played a role in his crucifixion. The Bible states that John the Baptist was later beheaded through a plot devised by Herod's wife who was upset that John did not approve of her marriage to Herod. Josephus states that John was executed by Herod because Herod was worried that John would incite rebellion in the people.

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