When do snakes hibernate?


Snakes hibernate throughout the winter to conserve body energy. Snakes are cold-blooded reptiles whose body temperature depends on external influences. Hibernation in snakes is also referred to as wintering, dormancy or brumation.

Hibernation is any long-term reduction in body temperature, metabolism, heart rate and breathing. Hibernation begins in late autumn and ends in early spring. When good wintering locations are sparse, large groups of male and female snakes den together. Snakes do not survive in the frigid areas north of the Arctic Circle or in Antarctica, and on some islands in Ireland and New Zealand, there are no snakes at all. However, in temperate climates, snakes may choose not to hibernate.

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"they hibernate in the summer because they can't take the heat" - very incorrect, the opposite is true! Most snakes. don't. hibernate, it's only the ones that live outside
As Oikos said, it depends on where you live. The further north you are, the longer it will take. I'm originally from northern Minnesota and I would normally start seeing them in May
Snakes enter hibernation in the fall, or when temperatures are
First off, hibernating in the lizard world is called brumation. It would like trying to tell if a bear is hibernating, it is a long (Or short, depending on your lizard) period of
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When Do Snakes Hibernate?
Not all snakes hibernate, but most snakes that hibernate do so during the cold months of fall and winter. Learn how a snake prepares for hibernation by eating and recognizing temperature or daylight changes in this free video on snakes from a reptile... More »
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