How to Refinish a Hardwood Floor?


The first step in refinishing a hardwood floor is to first decide whether it needs fully sanded or can just be screened. If there are just topical scratches or peeling, screening your floor will remove the polyurethane coating without sanding the
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1. Set up your floor buffer with it heavy screening pad. Start the machine and immediately begin moving it along the floor, with the direction of the floorboards. Across the room
Clean the surface. Sand. Oil, wax, or lacquer to finish.
Refinishing hardwood floors probably ranks among the top ten messiest things in the world, if there were such a list. Sanding hardwood floors creates a tremendous amount of dust,
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A finely sanded floor will bring out the rich colors, grain patterns and natural characteristics of the wood species. The finer the sanding grit used the richer ...
To remove dust when refinishing hardwood floors, first isolate the area you want to clean. Then once that is successful, just keep the mess under control as you ...
You can refinish hardwood flooring with a large floor sander and 20 grit sand paper. Sand as close the edges as you can, then finish with a hand sander. Dust and ...
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