Where Are Metals Located in the Periodic Table?


Most of the elements of the periodic table are metals including gold, silver, platinum, mercury, uranium, aluminum, sodium and calcium. They are located on the left side and the middle of the periodic table with group IA and Group IIA being the most active metals.
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The first column (the column to the far left of the periodic table) contains the alkali metals. All the elements in this column with the exception of hydrogen are alkali metals. The
in the zig zag line.
Metals makeup more than 75% of the elements in the periodic
The metals are in the upper-left semicircle.
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Where Are the Metals Located on the Periodic Table?
Metals on the periodic table occur on the left side of each row. The non-metals occur to the right side of each row and metalloids occur in some rows between the occurrence of metals and nonmetals. Metals can be grouped into five types.... More »
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