Where do African elephants live?


The majority of the population of African elephants live in the forest or savannah grasslands. The presence of large game reserves and parks provides the elephants with ample space in which to operate; typically going long distances in search of water and pasture.
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It Lives In Africa.
African elephants live in savannahs, woodlands, mountains, and desert areas;
Elephants once roamed the wild by the millions but their numbers have been dramatically decreased by loss of habitat, poaching and other factors. Elephants have been hunted and killed
African elephants are native to Africa. Their habitat is too varied to describe but they are nomadic living in family groups of females with calves and Males generally being solitary
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African elephants live in different areas. They make their homes through most of central, east, and southern Africa. Anywhere that is south of the Sahara, you may be ale to find these illustrious creatures. You can find more information here: http://www.elephantcountryweb.com/Ellies2.html
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