Where Do Fireflies Live?


Fireflies live in different habitats. Many species succeed in forests, fields or the edges between them. Some survive in more arid areas, but they naturally follow the rainy season. They are found all over the world, from Europe and Asia to North and South America.
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Fireflies live in damp places near wood all over the world!
Fireflies inhabit tall grasses and low-lying grassy areas, in both the suburbs and countryside, and are found in large meadow areas and forest clearings. The firefly larvae live in
They live in trees, bushes and even in grass. Source(s) My fantastic brain.
Most fireflies are located in the eastern United States, but can be...
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Fireflies live in forest litter or in and around streams and ponds. They are found in the tropics of Asia, Central and South American and the temperate zones of the United States and Europe.
Fireflies are lightning bugs. They live only for 24 hours! It produces cold light when luciferin reacts with oxgen that the bug breathes. It is a mating signal. You can find them in Kansas city.
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