Where Do Jellyfish Live?


Jellyfish live in the oceans but can also be found in rivers and lakes which are connected to an ocean. They love the tropics and cold water in deep seas while some live near the surface of the water.
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Jellyfish live in seawater from shore areas exposed at low tide to the very deep ocean, the
Dark Ocean Depths In 2003, a predatory jellyfish species was discovered in the dark, cold environment of the Monterey Submarine Canyon at a depth of 2,100 feet. The species was named
they live in the ocean and they are very hard to spot in the water!!! and there are more human deaths from jelly fish than sharks!!!!! the main one you wanna watch out for is the
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Jellyfish can be found in: oceans, rivers, streams, and lakes. These fish do need water to breathe but can be found alive on coastal banks.
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