Where Do Macaroni Penguins Live?


Macaroni penguins live in South Georgia, Kerguelen Island, Crozet Island, Heard Island and McDonald Island. They usually breed on sub-Antarctic Islands south of the Americas and also on Africa. Macaroni penguins are typically 70 cm tall and their weight can vary through the year between 4 and 5.5 kg.
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They live between the subarctic regions to the Antarctic peninsula all the way to from Southern tip of South America to the middle of the Indian Ocean.
Macaroni penguins are some of the most beautiful and common species of penguin. They are larger than most other species of penguin. Most of them reach an adult height of up to 28
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The Macaroni Penguins have the biggest population of any penguins in the world. They are found in the sub-Antarctic Islands around Argentina and Chile. You can find more information here: http://www.penguins.cl/macaroni-penguins.htm
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