Where Do Rabbits Live?


Generally, different species of rabbits live in different habitats. For instance, the European rabbit lives in grasslands. The cottontail on the other hand prefers the edges of forests and fields as well as grasslands and deserts.
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Rabbits can be found in many parts of the world where there are forests, fields, farms, woods and meadows. Most rabbits are found in North America due to the climate is to more of
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Sea Turtles. There are eight species of sea turtles, and they are found in oceans and seas that are warm or temperate. Sea turtles have been known to migrate as far as 3,000 miles
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Rabbits live in forests, grasslands, and tundra.
Rabbits live on every continent except for Australia and Antarctica. Most of these adorable bunnies can be found in North America. They like to make their homes inside of burrows, even raising their babies inside of them.
The majority of wild rabbits live in the underground burrows that they make for themselves. They can be found anywhere from the ocean side to far up in the mountains, and are native to all continents except Australia and Antarctica.
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