Where Do Rabbits Live?


Generally, different species of rabbits live in different habitats. For instance, the European rabbit lives in grasslands. The cottontail on the other hand prefers the edges of forests and fields as well as grasslands and deserts.
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Rabbits live in burrows underground.
Rabbits come from many parts of the world. They live in groups, usually in burrows or rabbit holes. Most of them are found in North America, but you will find others in Japan, Europe
Jack Rabbit's Habitat is Terrestrial. Desert plateaus, grasslands and are located in
The Virginia opossum appears throughout Central America, up into Texas and as far north as Nebraska. From there, the animal's natural territory extends east across the United States
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Rabbits live in forests, grasslands, and tundra.
Rabbits live on every continent except for Australia and Antarctica. Most of these adorable bunnies can be found in North America. They like to make their homes inside of burrows, even raising their babies inside of them.
The majority of wild rabbits live in the underground burrows that they make for themselves. They can be found anywhere from the ocean side to far up in the mountains, and are native to all continents except Australia and Antarctica.
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