Where Do Tsunamis Occur?


Tsunamis can occur anywhere, but most occur in the Pacific Ocean. This is because the Pacific is located on a plate that is made up of mostly water, the Pacific is also surrounded by an active volcanic and earthquake zone called the ring of fire. You can find more information here: http://library.thinkquest.org/10136/tsunami/tsuntq.htm#where
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Tsunamis occur in water bodies, usually where an earthquake or volcano occurs. They become tsunamis when they get close to land.
Tsunamis occur when there is a disruption at the bottom of the ocean, such as an earthquake and this results in creating several huge waves. Tsunamis occur each year, but they are
Most tsunamis occur in the Pacific ocean as it is located on a plate mostly made of water. The Pacific ocean is also surrounded by the Ring of Fire, a highly active volcano and earthquake
Tsunamis typically occur in the Pacific Ocean. Thanks!
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