Where does the king cobra live?


King cobras live primarily in India, Southeast Asia and southern China, particularly in the plains and rain forests. They can be found on land, in water and in trees.

King cobras are the only snake species on the planet that builds nests for its eggs. Although the king cobra is considered a shy snake that avoids humans when possible, it aggressively protects its nests until the young are hatched.

In the wild, the king cobra has an average life span of 20 years. It can weigh up to 20 pounds and reach up to 18 feet in length. The king cobra is one of the most venomous snakes in the world and can literally “stand up,” raising up to one-third of its body off of the ground to confront a perceived attacker.

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Across south and south east Asia in countries like India, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka etc.
King Cobras mainly inhabit Southern Asia, Northern Africa and the Philippines. Thanks for using ChaCha!
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