Where Is Country Code 447?


The country code 44 is for the United Kingdom. The 7 indicates that it is a cell phone. If you were calling 447, you would be dialing a cell phone number in the United Kingdom.
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There is no telephone country code +447. The United Kingdom is country code +44. (dialed as 00 44 from many places) ; the digit 7 indicates the number belongs to a mobile (cell) phone
447 is the ship to shore ITU code for Kuwait.
It isn't. The 44 denotes a UK number and the 7 denotes a mobile (cell) phone number, a pager, or a personal "follow-me" number. US area code +1 447 has been assigned to
Country code.880. (dialed as. 00 880. from many places) is. Bangladesh. Dhaka, the capital, is area code +880 2. Mobile. numbers begin with +880 1. VoIP numbers begin with +880 96
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The country code 447 does not exist. The United Kingdom has the country code 44, and the prefix 7 is used for mobile phone numbers.
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