Who Invented the Internet?


The first person who initiated this idea of mass amalgamation of knowledge was Leonard Kleinrock. However, the invention of the internet wasnt a feat accomplished by one man but was a combined effort of many researchers, governments and scientists.
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That's a tricky one. But it wasn't Tim Berners-Lee, as lots of folk might have you believe. He invented hypertext markup language (HTML) which linked text to their appropriate resources
Tesco is recorded as having provided the world's first operational Business-to-Consumer (B2C) teleshopping system in 1984. Prior to this, ecommerce already existed in the form of
No one invented the internet as we know it today, but Leonard Kleinrock was 1st to
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J.C.R. Licklider was the first to describe an Internet-like worldwide network in 1962 in a series of memos discussing the "Intergalactic Computer Network" concept.
The name of the person who invented the internet was Sir Timothy John or Tim Berners Lee. He was an engineer and also a computer scientist. He invented it in 1989.
There is not one single person that invented the internet. The first idea of the internet was given to us by Leonard Kleinrock in a paper that he published called Information Flow in Large Communication Nets in 1961.
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