Who makes Kenmore Elite refrigerators?


Kenmore appliances are actually made by a company called In-Sink-Erator. They also make other brand names such as Kitchenaid and Maytag.
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The appliance is manufactured by Sears Holdings, the parent company of Kenmore Appliances, and its associate-partner companies.
1. Put the refrigerator in its normal location in the kitchen and pull off the base grille below the doors. 2. Place a spirit level inside the refrigerator at the back of the top
Kenmore is a brand-name sold in Sears stores, with their products made by Whirlpool,
i think LG makes it.
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Whirlpool is the parent company. There have been some problems with the elite refrigerators but, Whirlpool the fortune 500 company makes Kenmore.
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