Who Makes the Best Gas Range?


A lot of companies make really good gas ranges but if you really want a top of the line great working range look at Electrolux. They are one of the best.
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There are two basic types of gas ranges: free-standing models and built-ins. A built-in is designed to be used between two cabinets, and you can choose between a slide-in or a drop-in
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I have just replaced a Kenmore gas stove with a Whirlpool gas range and I will never buy a gas stove again. I know you always hear that good cooks prefer gas stoves. Well that's true
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According to Good Housekeeping magazine, GE takes the prize for best budget gas range, while the Kenmore Elite makes the best money-is-no-object range. You can find more information here: www.goodhousekeeping.com
If you are on a budget, the GE JGB800 SEPSS is the best gas range on the market. It does not have a convection oven, but the oven has a child lock. The controls are easy to see and use. If you are looking for a gas range with many features, the Kenmore Elite 78923 is best. This oven does have a convection setting, unlike the General Electric range. For the best customer service, choose the General Electric model over the Kenmore Elite.
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