Who was sent home on Biggest Loser tonight?


The person voted off on April 28, 2009 was Filipe. Filipe said he hoped
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Biggest Loser Diet
You, too, can be The Biggest Loser by following a diet and fitness program similar to that used by contestants on the NBC TV show of the same name. There are no televised temptations of cheesy pasta or... More »
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Migdalia went home. Once she is home, she is reunited with her kids and is able to adjust her life despite her husband being overseas.
Neil and Hollie were in the bottom two. Neil lost 10 pounds and Hollie lost 5, but their percentages were the lowest. Neil knew he was done since the black team always stuck together
Stanford Hall. Leicestershire.
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The theme song of the reality show The Biggest Loser is 'Brand New Book' by Train. The Biggest Loser first premiered on October 19th, 2004. It airs on the network ...
The Biggest Loser is a show that has been on television for seven seasons. This show is about overweight people going through rigorous training and diets to lose ...
How To Apply is one of the links at The Biggest Loser. Others include their Home page, Pre-Register page, Open Calls, FAQ;s, Video, Contact, Terms, and Privacy ...
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