How to Tell if a Guy Is a Player.?


1. Ask questions. Sometimes people don't ask questions and just accept what is there in front of them even when it sits wrong. You are not a nag for asking questions even though some players want you to think that. 2. Believe what you see. If he is a
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Nice question. Because, most guys, and I'm not saying all, but most, don't stick with one girl. Of course they flirt, and they make you feel all special and stuff. THEN THEY LEAVE
Part of it is biology, part is the way they are brought up but you will find one who is the
Some guys are players because they don't know what else to do, they like cheating on girls, not all guys are this way!Would you like us to send you dating tips?
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A guy who is a player is secretive. He is not a person that likes to share his phone or his computer. This is because he fears you will find incriminating information ...
Most people believe 'guys' are not into commitment, trust and loyalty perhaps because most, guys are too scared, this is not solely true, guys are loyal and trustworthy ...
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