Why Did the British Wear White Wigs?


The British wore white wigs to make them look older than what they really were. The fashion of the wigs was started by French king Louis XIII. He started to wear them around 1624 and it was worn to cover up his balding head. The wigs became a part of a formal dress code for the members of the court. Wearing a wig also meant during that time that you were wealthy and rich and you were in a higher class.
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They wore wigs because it was the style back then. But they also thought that showers were unnecessary so that caused them to get lice. After that they would shave their wigs and
Royalty and the upper class were trendsetters in the 18th century. Louis XIII of France started wearing wigs to hide his premature baldness, and people emulated him because they viewed
Wigs were worn for hygiene benefits. Many people would shave their
The 2 main reasons are to impress upon defendants a sense of the importance of the law and to partially disguise their identities outside court.
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