What is Procrastination?


Procrastination is when a person puts things off and does not do them. For example you know you have a project due on the nine of the month and today is the first of the month. But you wait til the ninth of the month to even start on the project. You
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To start the procrastination progress you need to think about all the things you should be doing. Make a mental list: give the dog a bath, pay the bills, change the oil, put away
1 Contemplate the reasons that make procrastination a good thing to add to your daily tasks. Time management experts (and a considerable number of bloggers nowadays) insist that procrastination
To procrastinate is to continually put something off until later. The typical procrastinator is one who drags their feet when there is something they need to accomplish.
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People tend to procrastinate because they are trying to avoid the task at hand. When someone doesn't like doing a particular thing, they will think to themselves ...
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The number of people who procrastinate...well, let's see, I think I'll go make myself a sandwich before answering your question. That's what procrastinators do ...
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