Why do we need to conserve electricity?


It is important to conserve electricity because the natural resources that provide sources for electricity are being depleted faster than they can be regenerating. Conserving electricity also saves money, since electricity prices are assessed in accordance with the amount used. Overuse of electricity also leads to high EMF emission to which some people are sensitive.

Electricity requires a source to power it. The sources used to power electricity are natural resources such as coal, gas and oil. These types of resources are quickly disappearing because they are being used at a much faster rate than they can be replenished. It takes thousands of years for coal and oil to form. Also, mining natural resources is expensive because it is very difficult and dangerous. Tapping oil wells, for example, requires spending millions of dollars to build a rig with the capability to drill thousands of feet into the Earth. Coal mining requires workers to descend deep into the Earth and to dig dangerous and sometimes unstable tunnel systems. Energy conservation also conserves these natural resources, which lowers the overall cost of supplying them to customers. The money that power companies save can be put toward research for finding alternative sources for electricity.

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